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Explosion-proof LED Lights Of Spring Sep 24, 2016

In recent years, the GDP grew from double digits to single digits, then to the so-called broken broken 9 8 7. We're not going to discuss more economic problems, from our dedicated to economic development trend of LED lighting industry.

Back in those days, proceeded to light LED lights from Shenzhen, a variety of LED industrial parks have mushroomed germination. Within three years, due to the vicious competition and industrial capacity, large manufacturers fell down. This period represented by the Guangdong LED product is widely used by households, because of unreliable quality, light the reasons for failure and a lot of abandon, think LED is lie, brought extremely bad experience to the user experience. There are involved such as explosion-proof LED floodlight, explosion-proof LED flood light, LED lamp explosion-proof platform, explosion-proof LED flood light, LED explosion proof Tong Street, explosion-proof high LED ceiling light, LED flood light.