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Flood Lights With Impact Resistance, Corrosion Resistance Aug 09, 2017

In all the elements of the city night, the floodlight is the most widely used as a light source, because it is a high degree of diffuse, no direction of light, the light is soft and transparent, often in the night lighting plays the finishing touch The role of the pen, lighting designers are also happy to see a lamp.

But for the choice of Flood Lights, lighting designers are not concerned about the current light efficiency and cost, "for floodlights, the general effect of light and color, manufacturers can do, mainly consider Life and safety regulations, "" In addition to light efficiency and cost, and sometimes we think, the product can do a little more detail, do more texture, "" power a little more selective. " In the Aladdin evaluation room interview lighting designers, they said.

Indeed, with the development of LED lighting, quality and functionality to better reflect the competitiveness of a product. In this evaluation, the Aladdin evaluation room selected LEDVANCE latest LED floodlight, from the appearance of work to the basic photoelectric parameters, and then to the demolition inspection and structural analysis, a comprehensive assessment, with a view to Industry to provide a more objective reference.

Get this product when people shines, the appearance of compact, built-in power supply design, work is very delicate, feel smooth, no sharp corners, is a professional full-die aluminum lamp body.

The front of the lamp body is pre-tempered glass,Flood Lights the lower right corner marked IP65, the surface of this section of the protection of the lamp has reached IP65.

Its back is clearly different from the traditional light source LED light element,Flood Lights that is, chic cast aluminum radiator to ensure that the system heat is good.


light body rounded, simple and generous appearance.

The main structural parts of the lamp body are made of high purity die-cast aluminum alloy, with impact resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, dustproof


integrated cooling design, excellent heat dissipation, to ensure that the light bulb luminous efficiency and service life.

light fixture structure is simple, easy disassembly, adjustable frame angle, to meet the needs of different scenarios of the application.

light uniform without dead ends, monochrome and RGB different color temperature to choose from, compatible with DMX512 control.

High-strength tempered glass.