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Night Lights Provide Soft Night Lighting Oct 20, 2017

When it comes to night lights, the first thing you can think of is a variety of plug-type Night Lights, which have been proven by the market for many years and are indeed the most popular among consumers. Now the plug-type night Lights are mostly equipped with sensors. When the room light is dimmed, the daylight-sensing night light is automatically turned on, and the night lights fitted with motion sensors will automatically open when someone passes by.

Considerations for buying Night light

In the face of the market dazzling night lights, in the purchase, please keep the following points in mind.

1 Room power outlet location

In order to buy the baby night Lights, parents must check the distance between the socket and baby bed, if not too near is too far, it is best to choose a movable night light, can be placed in the most suitable location for the baby to provide a soft but not too dark lights.

2 night light with suitable color lighting

Surprisingly, the color of the night light also affects the baby's sleep.

It's usually logical to think that a calming blue light will help the baby sleep, but the results are quite the opposite, and the blue light is more likely to attract attention and alertness.

For night Lights, red and orange light is the best, the two colors of the light sound is not a bit familiar, yes, this is the light color of the sunset, nature has its own rules to tell people when to sleep.

For the baby, red light also has an additional benefit is to be able to play a soothing role, according to experts explained that this is because in the womb, the only thing that the baby can see is red, the familiar light can let the baby sleep.

3 Night Light has timer

In some night lights equipped with timers, this provides convenience for users, set a predetermined light when the long, to the time of night lights automatically extinguished, saving energy and save money.

4 Night light bulb type

In the selection of night light, parents should also consider the light bulb type used in the night, such as whether it can be replaced, if the light bulb is broken, the night light can only be discarded. In addition, the type of bulb also determines the night light in the glow of the heat, LED bulbs will only release the heat of the micro-heat, and tungsten in the light will become very hot.

5 Night Light Brightness

Remember, the night light is designed to provide only soft light for the room, not to shine like 1000 suns.

Too bright the light will affect the baby's rest while a sleep-deprived bear child who knows.

The following methods can be used to determine whether the brightness of night light is appropriate:

1. Turn on the night light when it's dark.

2, put your head where the child sleeps and close your eyes.

3, Face the Night light

4, if through the eyelid you can still see the light clearly, indicating that the night light is too bright.

6 Other features of night light

Although the main function of night lights is to provide soft night lighting, you can buy night Lights configured with other features.

1. Night Light with thermometer

2. Night Light with Music Box

3. Night light with convertible light bulb

4. Night Light with motion sensor

5, equipped with a handle of the night light (the child can grasp the night light's handle to move freely)