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Portable Lights Easy To Carry And Reliable Jul 10, 2017

Portable Lights For the environmental surface cleaning and disinfection for infection control is very critical, under normal circumstances for the environmental surface cleaning and disinfection is the use of some disinfectant, such as chlorine disinfectant, or the use of air disinfection, but the environmental surface cleaning and disinfection is the main success Depending on the type of pathogen (with a common pathogens can not kill ordinary disinfectant), disinfectant chemical composition and bactericidal activity, as well as the length of sterilization time.

Now, mobile phones and computers and other items are often used around the hospital patients, these electronic devices are frequently exposed to a variety of pathogens are likely to be seriously polluted, resulting in cross infection. And the use of liquid disinfectant on the phone,Portable Lights the computer wipe clean disinfection may cause water into the equipment inside, and damage to electronic products, so for these electronic equipment, cleaning and disinfection may require new cleaning and disinfection technology; ultraviolet radiation disinfection may be a Nice choice.

Ultraviolet radiation can destroy the DNA / RNA structure of the pathogen, thus inactivating the pathogen to achieve the purpose of cleaning and disinfection, ultraviolet radiation is currently widely used in the safety cabinet disinfection, water and food industry disinfection.

Recently, German sensory experts evaluated the effect of using Portable Lights to disinfect the surface of the hospital. To test the killing effect of ultraviolet light on common pathogens in medical institutions such as Bacillus pumilus, Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli and Acinetobacter baumannii.

The activity of the experimental pathogen was reduced by more than 90% after 40 seconds of exposure to the surface of the experimental environment. At the same time,Portable Lights all the experimental bacteria were less than 5 seconds.

Researchers say that the surface contamination of medical electronic equipment is now a new challenge for hospital sensitization, and the outbreaks of nosocomial infections due to the contamination of these electronic devices have been reported, so clean and disinfections such as electronic equipment must be taken into account. The portable UV lamp is a good choice for chemical disinfection, but for UV radiation for the user will cause potential harm may need further study.

But the effect of UV radiation cleaning is no doubt,Portable Lights I believe that soon after the use of UV lights will completely solve the use of security issues, UV radiation cleaning and disinfection applications will be more secure and extensive.

This portable light source called "new planning ultra-thin card folding pocket light", the name looks very long mouthful, if directly called "wallet lights" will be better. The purse light looks like a credit card size plastic card, about 8.6 × 5.3 × 0.3 cm size. The base of the card is inlaid with a bulb-shaped pop-up LED that is powered by an ordinary replaceable 3v battery, which is not spoiled like any other disposable LED light source,Portable Lights so that it is always possible to replace the battery use.

This portable light source, although the brightness is not large, but it can send people feel the warmth of the ambient light, so if installed at the door,Portable Lights study or in the middle of the night and even the account, can play a certain effect.




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