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Sensor Lights An Intelligent Control System Oct 31, 2017

Light source for daily life, its function is not just lighting so simple, for the mood, mood, sleep quality and even happiness have a very far-reaching impact. Although the invention of human light for many years, but to get a right light source, it is not so easy things. With the Sensor Lights, LED can become more beautiful, more "smart".

Sensor Lights as a signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion devices, the electromechanical technology has been quite mature, in recent years, the rise of MEMS technology in turn to the miniaturization of Sensor Lights technology, intelligent, multi-functional, low-cost big strides forward. Sensitive Sensor Lightss, infrared Sensor Lightss and other types of Sensor Lightss can be formed with LED lighting fixtures intelligent control system, the Sensor Lights will be collected to a variety of physical signals into electrical signals can be integrated circuit through the AD converter, MCU, DA The converter intelligently processes the acquired signal to control the opening and closing of the LED lighting fixture. Vancouver good lighting factory found that people can take this in the MCU set a variety of control requirements, control LED lights switching time, brightness, color, colorful changes, so as to achieve energy saving goals. The current IC manufacturing technology has been able to AD, DA, MCU integrated in a 5X5mm or smaller package, installed in the lamp is neither occupied and very convenient.

 Wind light LED street lamp is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting, the use of wind, solar power, with battery energy storage, so the automatic management of energy is very important. Photoelectric Sensor Lights is ideal for daylight, dark (sunrise, sunset) when the illumination changes can control the circuit automatically switch the electronic Sensor Lights. The photoresist of the photosensitive Sensor Lights is very sensitive to the brightness of the light.

Light Sensor Lights, according to the weather, time and area of automatic control of shopping malls LED lighting lights open and close. In the bright day by reducing its output power to reduce power consumption, compared with the use of fluorescent lamps, the shop area of 200m2 convenience store can reduce the maximum power consumption of 53%. Life is also about 5.1 million hours. Under normal circumstances, LED lighting life of 40,000 hours or so; light color can also be used RGB colorful way to change, so that shopping malls more colorful, more active atmosphere; and supporting the use of phosphor phosphor blue Than the use of red, green, blue three-color phosphor purple color rendering higher.