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Sensor Lights Better Performance Sep 29, 2017

The Sensor Lights plays a very important role in the control of the robot. In order to detect the working objects and the environment or the relationship between the robot and the robot, a visual Sensor Lights, a force Sensor Lights, a proximity Sensor Lights, an ultrasonic Sensor Lights and an auditory Sensor Lights are installed on the robot to greatly improve the working condition of the robot so that it can be completed more fully Complex work.

The electrolyte in the oxygen Sensor Lights should be a buffer solution or a solution (such as potassium acetate solution, etc.) that is not poisoned or destroyed by carbon monoxide. The electrolyte should preferably be a paste instead of a liquid state hydrogen sulfide alarm. The use of colloidal electrolytes can reduce the drying trend and show better performance at low temperatures.

1 In most instruments, the Sensor Lights is generating current and consumption even in the off state. Some instruments avoid current flow by cutting off the circuit to increase the life of the Sensor Lights. But the drawback of this approach is that the time to rebalance when the instrument is turned on is lengthened (it may take a few minutes). During the rebalance process, the current will flow back through the circuit.

2 rebalance takes a long time because the oxygen that has spread to the Sensor Lights has accumulated over the electrodes, and the way to remove oxygen is to convert it into lead oxide by electrochemical reactions. Only the accumulation of oxygen can be exhausted to get accurate measurement results. General instrument approach is to take the instrument after the opening of the "countdown" approach, the reading will start very high and then slowly down to a stable value. If the instrument has this function, do not make zero or correct the operation until the instrument has reached the rebalance.

3 fuel oxygen Sensor Lights generates a current proportional to the amount of oxygen consumed by the hydrogen sulfide alarm. The oxygen detection device obtains the oxygen concentration by detecting the current output from the Sensor Lights. Of course this is the simplest oxygen detector.

The electrochemical Sensor Lights is due to the above principle, so the life is affected!