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Table Lamps Correct Use Of Methods And Precautions Jul 10, 2017

Now in June and June, students are going to pick up the night every night, and the Table Lamps is the most common partner in their study. So, how to use the desk Table Lamps to plague a lot of parents, because improper use of the Table Lamps is likely to cause The child's myopia is getting worse. Experts pointed out: the correct use of the Table Lamps to protect eyesight.

First, with a white light bulb.

Scientific research confirms that under white light our vision is the best, so choose to issue a soft white uniform incandescent or frosted Table Lamps, and do not choose color light bulbs.

Second, the degree of bulb to be appropriate.

If the degree is too low, according to the book on the dark, we are not easy to see the writing, this will cause visual fatigue, a long time will lead to myopia. And if the bulb is too high, too strong light will be reflected through the white paper to our eyes, resulting in glare, so that the pupil continued to shrink, and then cause eye pain and headache. In general, 25 watts -45 watts of incandescent light the most appropriate brightness.

Third, the size of the bulb to match the shade

To ensure that the light bulb is just covered in the Table Lamps cover, to avoid direct light to our eyes.

Fourth, the height of the Table Lamps is also very important.

Usually, the distance 30 cm away from the book, both to see the writing, it will not fatigue, to calculate, the height of the Table Lamps 40-50 cm in writing from the more appropriate, so that both to ensure adequate reading lighting, the surrounding environment The brightness. If the Table Lamps is too low, it will light to a small range, and the surrounding is dark. Lost the reference for far from the field, the eye will adjust the system are only in the vicinity of the tight compression state, easy to make eye fatigue, and quickly accumulated, resulting in "light source myopia." And if the Table Lamps is too high, the light will be directly illuminated to our eyes, resulting in glare; the same time, close light will cause light retention in the retina phenomenon, will make the eye muscle tightening, speed up vision decreased.

Finally, the placement of the Table Lamps also has a great impact on vision.

Because most people write with their right hand, so the Table Lamps should be placed in front of the body, writing will not cover the paper because of the formation of shadows on the paper, according to the light on the paper will not reflect to our eyes and produce glare The

Experts pointed out: the correct use of the Table Lamps to protect eyesight. Many parents give their children to buy eye protection. But experts point out that the protection of vision can not all hope to eye protection, or to master the correct use of the Table Lamps method and precautions. 4 points above are the correct way to correctly use the Table Lamps should be grasped, such as the brightness of the light and the height of the light and so on.




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