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Table Lamps Effectively Improve Learning And Work Efficiency Aug 09, 2017

Table Lamps Say the eyes are open windows of the world, how to protect our delicate eyes? In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors are important to influence - the work of learning to read and write when the light is extremely important!

The world's first continuous spectrum energy-saving lighting technology, and the sun blue sky state is basically the same, three first: 1, no blue overflow, 2, continuous spectrum (natural light type), 3, high color rendering RA> 93.

8, no blue light overflow, 5, no ultraviolet and infrared, 6, no glare, 7, no electromagnetic radiation, 8, no spectrum, , High color rendering (RA> 93).

5, not tired eyes, 3, do not hurt the eyes, 4, not tired brain, 5, easy, comfortable, pleasant.

Sunshine flow natural light type eye lamp with the best lighting source, can effectively improve learning and work efficiency.

Table lamp is a kind of household appliances used in people's life lighting. It is generally divided into two kinds, one is the column type, one is a folder type. Its function is to focus the light in a small area, easy to work and study. General lamp light bulbs are incandescent,Table Lamps energy-saving light bulbs and the popular eye protection lamp, part of the lamp there are "emergency function" that comes with power for emergency lighting when the power outage.

In addition to reading, decoration outside the lamp. The latest technology, like robots, will move, will dance, auto dimming, play music, clock, video,

Touch and other functions, especially the ceramic lamp also has a collection of value.

Today, many types of lamp type, light bulbs are divided into: energy-saving lamps, incandescent, LED bulbs. Control methods are: switch control, touch, brightness adjustable, and even voice control. But consumers need is a practical, energy efficient, reliable products. In the country's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to further promote the LED and other energy-saving products such as the popularity of a class.