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Table Lamps Have The Correct Way To Use Sep 29, 2017

In the past, the Table Lamps is immutable on the table, only a brightness and angle.

But as the times change, the student's reading pattern is different from the past, and now almost every student's desk has a computer.

Therefore, the brightness of the Table Lamps should also be changed.

Students in reading and writing, the need for adequate light, so the light must be sufficient.

But if it is a magazine books coated paper will produce reflective, this time the angle of the Table Lamps should be low;

And if you are using a computer, because the screen will shine, this time the brightness of the Table Lamps, about 50% of the light can be.

So everyone in the selection of children to buy a Table Lamps, it is recommended to use anti-glare, and can adjust the brightness and angle of the Table Lamps, used to meet the various learning conditions to use, will be more appropriate.

After choosing the right fixture, the most important thing is to have the correct way to use it.

Table Table Lamps to use with the room lights can be some light than the ambient light, do not use the Table Lamps alone, easily lead to eye fatigue;

Right hand writer, the table light is best placed in the reader's left rear or left front, to avoid the light source was covered.

If it is left hand writer, you should set the Table Lamps on the right.

In addition, pay attention to the height of the Table Lamps and the angle of the Table Lamps cover.

To avoid the light is too strong and cause glare, after all, the eye is the soul of the window, once lost is difficult to save.

Correct reading of the posture and full rest is also quite important.

It is recommended that the best people every 30 minutes after reading, it is necessary to rest 5 to 10 minutes to see the distance, in order to avoid excessive use of eye and other injuries caused by myopia.

Table light source is usually divided into four types:

1 incandescent Table Lamps: including halogen Table Lamps, with alternating current through the filament fever, and then light. The incandescent spectrum is continuous spectrum, but the energy efficiency is low, only 10%.

2, fluorescent: is the direct use of alternating current fluorescent light, light is flashing, flashing frequency of 100 times / sec, bright and dark alternating flashing on the human eye injury.

3, high-frequency lights: also known as eye protection, is a fluorescent Table Lamps, but there are great differences, including ordinary eye protection and DC eye protection. Ordinary eye protection The use of electronic ballasts will be 50Hz AC into 30K-50KHz high-frequency AC and then light, making the light flicker speed is very fast, the human eye can not feel the basic light flicker, but the electronic ballast high-frequency oscillation Resulting in a strong electromagnetic radiation, radiation will increase significantly with the distance weakened, the normal use is safe; DC eye protection is the use of DC rectifier AC power into the first and then light, to no flicker.

4, LED lights (that is, light-emitting diode): with the traditional principle of incandescent light is different from the blue chip produced by the blue light, to stimulate the phosphor to produce yellow light, issued by the two mixed light constitutes a "white light." LED Table Lampss are more efficient and more energy efficient than fluorescent Table Lampss. LED lights are strobes there are many factors, the key is to use constant current circuit output DC, in the final analysis is the quality of the pros and cons and the price level.