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Table Lamps Novel Design And Strong Sense Of Modernity Oct 20, 2017

Table Lamps notes

Lighting style should be in harmony with home design

In the lighting style selection, should conform to the overall home design style. Of course, the lighting choice is good and can also help transport. For example, classical lighting, with classical charm, simple and connotation, play the role of the house, can help master the cause of the business, fashionable lighting design novel, modern feeling strong, can help people progress, the role of urging wealth. Crystal material lighting, elegant luxury, starlight, can play a prosperous wealth, increase the role of the gas field.

Second, the number of lighting

The number of lights in the home to the singular, but in the spotlights flat row irradiation, should be careful not to use three lights tied, lest similar to three incense, forming a bad moral.

Third, lighting color

Warm with a moderate amount of white light source is preferred. Home Feng Shui in general pay attention to the use of light color, that is, the change in color between heating. Color with home in the five elements focus on cold and warm collocation, home to the main Yang Qi, so lighting color should also be mainly warm light. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet seven colors, red, orange, Huangguangyuan for the warm light source, green, green, blue, violet for the cold light source, the cold light source gives a person a kind of mysterious, illusion feeling. With Yang Qi as the main peripheral with appropriate amount of white light source, so that the most suitable for people to live life.

Selection of lighting in different rooms

The function of each room is different, the lighting selected is different. Feng Shui theory stresses "Ming Hall darkroom", said the living room light to be bright, and the bedroom light is darker.

1, Bedrooms: The bedroom is for people to rest, recharge the place, so the light color must be soft, will not let people feel dazzling, conducive to sleep.

2, the kitchen: The kitchen light color should be white cold color, because the kitchen wants to cook food, will use the fire, in order to maintain the balance of yin and yang in the kitchen, the kitchen lighting color will choose the cold tone, and the kitchen in the fire phase.

3, Study: The best use of fluorescent Table Lampss in the study, fluorescent lighting, will make people feel excited, easy to improve work efficiency.

4, Restaurant: Restaurant as a place to eat, the light bright and warm advisable.

5, the bathroom: The bathroom light color should choose the warm yellow soft light, this is because the toilet water is more, the yin gas is heavier, must use the warm tonal light to balance.

6, Xuan Guan: Xuan Guan light color should be particularly bright, because Xuan Guan is the house into the port, must keep the light bright, the porch of the Table Lamps can choose to shoot the Table Lamps, the tube Table Lamps and ceiling Table Lamps, as long as can maintain sufficient light can.

7, the living room: The living room lights to be sufficient, too dim light will affect the development of the owner's career. The living room ceiling Table Lamps choice is very important, preferably uses the circular chandelier or the ceiling Table Lamps, because the circle has the work to be complete the moral. The lighting of the living room should be bright and the lights evenly sprinkled in the living room. Some lack of sunlight in the living room, indoor dimly unknown, a long time in which easily depressed. This is best done by hiding fluorescent lights in the four-sided wooden grooves of the ceiling, which is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling.