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Table Lamps The Decorative Function Is As Important As The Lighting Function Jul 19, 2017

Table lamps, according to the use of functional categories are: reading lamp, decorative table lamp, accompanied by reading lamp, portable lamp.

Reading lamp, light body shape simple and lightweight, refers to the desk lamp dedicated to reading and writing, this lamp can generally adjust the height of light pole, light direction and brightness, mainly lighting reading function.

Decorative table lamp appearance of luxury, materials and styles, light structure is complex, for the decorative effect of space, decorative and lighting functions as important.

Bedroom lamp has been far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become a rare art, in the light decoration heavy decoration concept, the decorative function of the lamp is even more obvious.

In addition to reading, decoration outside the lamp. The latest technology, like robots, will move, will dance, auto dimming, play music, clock, video,

Touch and other functions, especially the ceramic lamp also has a collection of value.

Adjustable lamp works by the resistance R2, potentiometer RP1, capacitance C composition resistance phase shift

 Circuit, adjust the RP1, you can change the conduction angle of the two-way thyristor V, thereby changing the brightness of the bulb EL. Resistor R1 is a current limiting resistor. The charging speed of C is also related to the parallel circuit. In the case of R1 and RP2 fixed, the size of the shunt is determined by the resistance of the photoresistor RL. When the grid voltage rises, the brightness of the grid increases, the RL resistance becomes smaller, the shunt increases, the voltage rise across the capacitor C becomes slower, the thyristor V conduction angle decreases, the output voltage decreases, the brightness of the lamp decreases; When the voltage drops, the RL resistance increases, the shunt decreases, the thyristor conduction angle increases, the output voltage increases, and the brightness of the lamp increases. As a result, the brightness of the light is automatically stabilized at the set value.

(1) shading

People in the case of normal sitting, the eyes to the horizontal direction, should not see the lamp cover of the inner wall and light source;

(2) desktop lighting requirements

Table lamp irradiation work area should be 250lx-500lx, the minimum illumination should be ≥ 120lx.

(3) illumination uniformity requirements

Should ensure that the work area by the lamp irradiation, the illumination is relatively uniform, can not produce particularly bright or dark spots, only to ensure that the three basic optical performance requirements in order to slow down the fatigue of the eye, can be called a desk lamp.

As the diversity of the lamp, so the use of different places, the choice of the size of the lamp size, style, material is also slightly different. For example, the hotel with the table lamp than the size of home decoration lamp much larger, especially for the hotel lobby lamp, larger size, heavy luxury. European antique table lamp durable look, supporting European architectural style, with the effect of adding flowers. Modern business hotel suites, then supporting some of the modern simple lamp, fresh and simple, not dragging its feet, will be refreshing. Luxury high-end table lamp, with the appropriate environment to match, embellishment space effect is good, whether the light is bright, or off, are a work of art! So for the designer must consider the design of your lamp style, style, price, etc. to meet such needs.




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