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Work Lights Need To Be Installed Correctly, Regularly Wiped Oct 31, 2017

Machine work lights for many mechanical equipment, CNC equipment, machine equipment is a very important part, and even said LED machine work lights are their eyes are not too. So how should such an important component be effective in maintaining and extending its useful life? In fact, the correct use of machine work lights is the most direct and effective way to extend the life of the machine work lights the best way. The following Xiaobian combined with the actual situation of the machine work lights, summed up the following points to note that we hope to help you correctly use and maintenance of machine work lamps, to extend its life and cost savings.

The first point: Installation: the correct way to install the machine work lights. The so-called correct installation is actually a comprehensive consideration, we must first consider the scope of its lighting can meet the lighting needs of the machine work lights installed in the most appropriate location; Secondly, the installation of the force of the situation, the rational distribution of the line and so on To be considered, if the first installation is not good for the remaining progress will also have a great impact.

Second, the use of the environment: the use of environmental control on the machine work lamp is very important, each lamp on the outside of the induction is not the same, for the machine work lights, to try to keep the temperature in the normal range Use, so you can play as much as possible the greatest effect, but also suggested as far as possible to avoid the external factors caused by some unnecessary losses.

The third point: cleaning and maintenance: the necessary cleaning is an indispensable part of the maintenance of machine work lights, which includes a reasonable wipe, the detection of the internal circuit, the rational replacement of circuit switches, etc., these are to ensure that the machine work lights to keep Reasonable work of a reasonable premise.

In fact, the maintenance cost of machine tool work lights is very low, especially LED machine work lights, almost do not need maintenance, only need to install the correct, regularly wipe, check the circuit and switch is normal on it. And now a lot of LED machine work lights protection levels are up to IP65, to meet its extremely harsh environment can be used normally, as long as the regular wipe and check the switch, the circuit will be able to play its greatest effect, or even use Life extended to 10 years, up to 50,000 hours of service life, almost equivalent to the life of the mechanical equipment itself, called the real sense of the "special lights."